Planning a Fresh Start for 2022

When preparing for the New Year, it may be typical for many people to reflect over the past year and think about what went right, what went wrong, and what to do differently to make this year a new opportunity. Every year, many people try to set New Year’s resolutions, which may be spending more time exercising, eating healthier food options, planning a gym subscription, or starting a new career to name a few. Unfortunately for many people, by the time February comes, our New Year’s resolutions may be neglected, and our typical lifestyle behaviours and habits may slowly creep back into our lives. Behaviour and life change are possible; however, it will take commitment and focus when trying something new. At Ascent Rehabilitation, our team shared their thoughts on their goals, preparations, and encouragement for starting the New Year.

What are your goals for the New Year?

Bronwen: “I want to take the positives and the lessons I’ve learnt from this year into 2022. For me, the silver lining of lockdown was being able to professionally adapt and learn to do my work differently. I felt that lockdown slowed life down and gave me space in the calendar to do things, rather than always cramming my schedule. I want to take the silver linings from that experience and implement them into 2022.” 

Jessica: “I want to keep learning and honing my skills to become the best person and Rehabilitation Consultant that I can be. I want to always ask questions; I’ll never stop asking questions.”

Jonathan: “My goal for 2022 is for the business to flourish, rather than be in a state of reactivity. I want to create a workplace rhythm where people know what to expect, what their routine is, and what’s needed from them. I want everyone to thrive and have an awareness of how to be successful.” 

Megan: “I want to spend as much time as possible in nature. I plan to mountain bike, bushwalk, camp, and explore the different areas of Canberra. I want to do a lot of weekend trips and have adventures with my family. I also want to learn more about the Australian workplace rehabilitation system, how that system works, and how I can provide excellent service to our clients. I plan to continue developing and nurturing the relationships with our clients and stakeholders.”

How do you prepare for the New Year?

Bronwen: “This year has gone by so quickly, and I haven’t put much thought into preparing for 2022. I’d like to start thinking about what I’d like to achieve and set some goals. I try to break down my goals into manageable chunks throughout the year or set certain milestones by the month. I feel more organised and ready for the year when I put important dates in the calendar and start preparing what I’d like to do about them.”

Jessica: “I don’t like the New Year very much. I struggle with the thought of New Year’s resolutions. When I make a resolution, I want to make it a continuous process throughout the year. I love Christmas, but it’s always a very busy time of year. Getting prepared for the New Year, or anything in life, is like getting prepared for Christmas. It’s about checking in with myself, reflecting on what’s been happening around me, processing any goals I want to set, and taking the time I need to relax.”

Jonathan: “I like to reflect on the things that worked well the year prior, and what didn’t work well. I try to set goals for the New Year on what I want to achieve that year while figuring out the best way to stick to my goals.”

Megan: “I like to take some time out and get a lot of rest. I try to go into a completely different area of space to get a new frame of mind. I spend this time with my family, and we like to go to the beach. The New Year cannot start until I go to the beach and spend some quality time at the sea. The best way to get ready for the New Year is to relax and re-set.”

What is your encouragement for going into 2022?

Bronwen: “I think we are the same person on January 1st as we were on December 31st. If there are any things you want to achieve, or change, make it realistic. If you have a goal of becoming more active, learning a new skill, or changing career, break that big goal down into smaller steps that you can achieve to help build momentum. I like to break things down into monthly goals instead of big goals. Try to figure out what’s going to be achievable and try to start getting into the pattern of the activity.”

Jessica: “Keep going. Remember that recovery is a much slower process than you want it to be. If you want your recovery to be sustainable, you need to take it slow. I am always encouraging clients to ask questions. This is your recovery, and it revolves around you. Make sure to ask questions so you can understand what’s going on and remember that no question is ever too silly.”

Jonathan: “I think everyone thought, after what 2020 was like, that our problems would go away in 2021. A lot of people were sadly mistaken, especially about COVID-19. I would encourage you to set realistic goals this year and appreciate that things can change at any time. You’re not always going to be able to keep control of things, and that can be hard. Remember to be kind to yourself, look after yourself, and appreciate that things do change.”

Megan: “Take the time to give yourself self-care, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Life is short, so have a lot of fun. I encourage you to be in the moment, enjoy what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to say yes to trying out new things. Give everything a go and see what it can do for you.”

Moving from one year to another may be a scary time for many people, especially with how quickly last year flew by. By taking the time to relax and rest your mind and body, you can reflect how the year went and think of potential goals, challenges, or changes you would like to make for the New Year.

From Ascent Rehabilitation, our team are here to support your recovery journey in 2022.

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