Allied Health

The best outcomes are achieved through a collaborative approach.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Ascent utilises WorkHab’s Functional Capacity Evaluation program, which is a functional profiling tool aimed at assessing a client’s response to a variety of tasks.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training is an imperative component of safe work practices, and is the most effective means of ensuring staff safety in environments which require heavy lifting.

Pre-Employment Screening

A pre-employment screen is a compressed form of a WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluation, which aims to review the specific physical demands of a specific work role and provide objective measures to determine whether a client is able to demonstrate capacity to meet such demands.

Vocational Assessment

Vocational assessments are a comprehensive tool to establish a person’s redeployment options outside of their usual work role.

Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments

An ADL Assessment is aimed to empower our clients to function independently within their home and community environment. An ADL Assessment is typically completed at the clients home, and often involves information gathering in both a subjective and objective format.

Our clients are often asked to demonstrate various tasks including but not limited to; meal preparation, cleaning/laundry, gardening, mobility and transfers, transport, shopping and personal hygiene.

The aim of this assessment is to identify occupational challenges and client goals to improve participation in activities through task modification and/or implementation of specific assistive equipment.

Home Assessment and Modifications

Outside of the return to work sector, Ascent provides home assessment services to various individual to improve independence with activity in the home environment. The aim of a home assessment is to identify the needs of each individual, and to provide assistance; whether in the form of training, education, assistive equipment or environmental modification.

Ascent makes specific recommendations based on the individuals injuries, stage of recovery and social setting. Considerations are specifically provided regarding access to the home both internally and externally; with attention to an individual’s level of mobility and strength.

Equipment Assessment and Recommendations

Ascent provides ergonomic assessments to our existing and privately referred clients. Ascent provides a comprehensive assessment of a person’s workstation, taking into account their daily job requirements, any pre-existing injuries or current concerns.

As part of the service, if requested, Ascent is able to provide a comprehensive report for all parties records indicating both medical and ergonomic advice.